What are cookies?

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or phone when you visit a website. These cookies allow us to identify you from other users of our site. This helps us to give you a good experience while browsing our site and allows us to improve our site.

There are two main types of cookies:

  • session cookies – when you finish browsing the site, they are deleted and no longer stored on your computer
  • Persistent cookies – when you finish browsing a website, they remain on your computer so that the provider of that website can remember your options and turn them on the next time you visit

Cookies can be stored by the website you are browsing (i.e. the website whose address is displayed in the address field of the browser). These are called visited website’s cookies. Foreign cookies are stored by a website other than the one you are browsing.

To learn more about cookies (including how to see what cookies are stored, how to manage and delete them) you can visit:

How do we use cookies?

The following table shows what cookies we use and why we do so.

sess, XSRF-TOKEN Session Used to protect forms from malicious robots
europeCookie Session This message is no longer displayed when the visitor clicks to accept the cookie policy
_utma, _utmz, _ga, _gid, _gat_gtag_UA-96203261-2 Third party Improve your web browsing experience

To manage a browsing session

To monitor the quality of our site

To improve your browsing experience on our site

To collect statistical information and to improve our website and our services


If you continue to use our website, we will assume that you agree to receive all cookies on our website. If you’d still like to change your cookie settings, you can do so at any time by reading the “Managing our use of cookies” section below.

Managing the use of our cookies

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies unless you change their settings. To restrict, block, or delete cookies stored by websites, you can usually do so in your browser settings. These settings can usually be found in the browser options menu.

If you disable all cookies in your browser options, you may lose access to our website or certain parts of it.

If you delete cookies associated with this site, we will no longer remember information about you (including your cookie options) and will be considered a new visitor the next time you visit this site.

To learn more about cookies (including how to see what cookies are stored, how to manage and delete them) you can visit: