Privacy policy

Audrius Razmus is natural person working according to her individual activity certificate, individual activity number: 690268, address Motorų str. 1, 02190 Vilnius (hereinafter referred to as Audrius Razmus, or AR) undertakes to ensure the security of your personal information and the protection of your rights when you use and browse this website hereinafter referred to as the Website).

This privacy policy determines what information Audrius Razmus collects, how and from what sources this information is obtained, what actions are performed with the collected information and how this information is protected. By using our services and / or browsing our Website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

All personal data is processed in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or have any requests regarding the processing of your personal data, please email us:


1.1 Data controller, data processors and coverage of the privacy policy

Personal data that is provided on the Website or collected by is managed by Audrius Razmus.

This privacy policy applies to any website operated by AR and to any service provided by AR, regardless of the devices on which the website visitor (hereinafter referred to as – Visitor) visits the Website.

This privacy policy does not apply to links of other websites that are found on this Website, so we encourage you to consult the privacy policies of those websites separately. This privacy policy applies to both AR customers – individuals and representatives of legal entities.

AR may use third parties to process Visitors’ personal data and, to that end, transfer personal information to other legal entities in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

1.2 Collected information

The following Visitor data is collected and processed when creating an account or logging in via a social network (Facebook) account and accepting orders:

  • Name, surname;
  • Contact details (e-mail address, telephone number);
  • If the order is to be delivered to your home or workplace – address;
  • Account login details;
  • Order history;
  • After making a payment by bank transfer – Visitor’s bank account information.

AR collects and processes technical data of website visitors using cookies.

Each time you visit the Website, AR collects and processes the following technical personal data:

  • The IP address of the visitor’s device;
  • The date and time of when the Visitor connected to the Website;
  • The name and URL of the Internet page from which you access the Website;
  • Information about the Visitor’s device operating system;
  • Information about the Visitor’s Internet Provider;
  • Visitor’s geographic data and language settings;
  • Other relevant technical information may also be collected.
  • Name and surname of the visitor;
  • Contact information (telephone, e-mail address, home address);
  • Other personal information identifying the Visitor;
  • Content of a request, notification or complaint.

This technical data is collected automatically, without any additional actions of the Visitor. To find out more about cookies and the processing of personal data by means of cookies, read the AR Cookie policy.

AR may also process other data about the Visitor provided by the Visitor’s own initiative via e-mail, by post or through another information system used by AR and available on the Website.

The list is not exhaustive, in special cases AR may need to collect additional information from the Visitor in order to achieve the objectives discussed in this Privacy Policy.

1.3 Use of personal data

The main purpose of personal data processing is to enable the Visitor to use the Website efficiently and adapt it to personal needs. Personal data is used:

  • to create and manage your account;
  • to properly enforce contractual obligations (i.e. ordering and delivery of items);
  • to make the Website better fit your needs;
  • to ensure smooth management of the Website;
  • for the timely and proper processing of your inquiries and requests;
  • in order to be able to perform statistical analysis and constantly improve the Website’s content and the services provided by AR;
  • for other purposes that are disclosed to you during the submission of personal data.

1.4 Storage of personal data

We will protect your personal information for no longer than is necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. Personal data will be stored:

  • Account information (registration data) will be stored for as long as you continue to use your account or instruct us to delete it. We will delete your account [2-3] years after the last account activity;
  • We will store your order history for [5] years, unless your account is deleted;
  • We will store complaints and inquiries for [6] months after their resolution.

Prolonged storage of your personal information can only take place when:

  • there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that an illegal act is under investigation;
  • data is needed for proper settlement of a dispute or complaint;
  • we have received complaints related to the Visitor, or if we have noticed violations committed by the respective Visitor, or on other specific grounds provided in legislation.
  • on the basis of a contract with the Visitor, i. e. when the Visitor creates an account and / or orders the goods or services we offer;
  • data is required on the basis of consent, which is expressed in your active actions, i. e. contacting us and providing personal data, or other actions;
  • data is required for the pursuit of our legitimate interests (eg management and administration of the Website, etc.);
  • data is required in order to fulfill our obligations under the law.

1.5 Legal basis for processing personal data

AR processes personal data of Visitors:

Visitor’s consent is used as a legal basis for third party access to information and in other cases where the processing of personal data may be based on consent. Visitors may withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data at any time. If AR has no other legal basis for the processing of personal data, AR will no longer process personal data as soon as the Visitor withdraws his consent.

1.6.Transfer of data to third parties

AR will not transfer your personal data to any third parties without your prior consent, except as described below.

Personal data may be provided to law enforcement, judicial or pre-trial authorities in connection with their investigations. AR may also provide your personal data in other cases provided by law, without your express consent. 

In addition, certain technical data of your visit to the Website (IP address, cookies, technical information of the browser you are using, other information related to browser activities and website browsing) may be transmitted for statistics, analysis and related purposes. The data can be transferred to actors inside and outside of the EU (eg. through our Google Analytics service). We remind you that in non-EU countries, personal data may be less protected than in the EU, but we will carefully assess the conditions under which such your data will be further processed and stored after the transfer to the above-mentioned entities.

AR also uses third-party services (such as third-party servers, website design, administration services, web traffic and website analysis, statistics), newsletter services, which may require access to the Visitor’s personal data. In this case, AR ensures that data controllers comply with the obligations of confidentiality and adequate protection of personal data. 


Visitors are given certain rights regarding the protection of their personal data. These rights are:

  • the right to access the personal data that is being processed;
  • the right to demand that the AR quickly corrects inaccurate personal data related to the Visitor;
  • the right to request the erasure of your personal data where there is a legal basis for doing so, such as when the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or when the data is processed unlawfully;
  • the right to request data processing restrictions where there is a legal basis for doing so;
  • the right to refuse data processing where the processing is based on a legitimate interest and there is a legal basis for doing so;
  • withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing of the data prior to the withdrawal of the consent;
  • the right to require the AR to transmit all or part of the information provided by the Visitor to the Visitor or another data controller when this is technically possible (right to data portability).
  • the right to request the transfer of your personal data to another data controller or to provide it directly in a form convenient for you (applies to personal data provided by the data subject himself and which is processed by automated means on the basis of consent).

If you think that your rights have been violated, you have the right to file a complaint with the State Data Protection Inspectorate, A. Juozapavičiaus str. 6, LT-09310 Vilnius, tel. (8 5) 271 2804, 279 1445, el. p., or to the supervisory authority of another Member State of the European Union where you reside, work or the place where the suspected infringement has taken place. We recommend that you contact the responsible persons or the contacts below before submitting a formal complaint to find a suitable solution to the problem.

To exercise your rights, contact us via email: AR informs you that in case of doubt about your identity, AR may request additional information in order to correctly identify you.


AR, by implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures, protects the personal data of the Visitors from loss, unauthorized use, unauthorized access, disclosure of the AR.

AR recommends that Visitors additionally comply with the minimum measures to ensure the protection of personal data: 

  • not to visit suspicious websites, not to open links of unknown origin;
  • update your software and take care of antivirus protection.
  • atnaujinti savo programinę įrangą ir pasirūpinti antivirusine apsauga.


This Privacy Policy may be updated by AR. AR will notify Visitors of updates by posting a new version of the Privacy Policy on the Website along with the dates of the adjustments made. Visitors understand that by continuing to use the Website after the privacy policy updates have been made, they agree to the changes made.

If any provision of the Privacy Policy is held to be invalid by the AR, that provision shall not affect the legality and validity of the remaining provisions of the Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy applies from the date of its publication on the Website.