Frequently asked questions

Yes, all the dishes sold on this website can be washed in a dishwasher.

All drawings are hand-drawn and unique.

You can, but an identical item cannot be replicated, because all of the tableware items are handmade. The shape or size of the dish may vary slightly. The drawings on the dishes are also hand-drawn, making them unique every time.

The softness of our quilted blankets depends on the texture of the fabric. Pure linen fabric is a bit rougher, but washed linen is really soft. The softness of cotton can also vary depending on the thickness of the material.

Absolutely! You can choose all the materials: fabrics, colors, internal fillers yourself. Send me the desired set via email and we will coordinate the desired product and price.

Yes, I can definitely provide advice. We can arrange a set of dishes from the dishes that we have on our website or we can create custom set of dishes especially for you.

Quilted blankets are blankets or duvets that does not require additional covers. Using these blankets saves you storage space and time. They serve great as a bedspread or can be draped on a couch in case of cold evenings.

Yes, the blankets can be washed in a washing machine. We recommend washing at temperatures up to 40 degrees with other laundry of similar colors. We recommend using a gentle wash mode.

It is recommended to clean woolen blankets by airing them out on a sunny day in the shade. Due to its high lanolin content, wool has the ability to clean itself. If the blanket is still dirty and washing is necessary, then wash only on wool mode at a maximum temperature of 30 ⁰C.

Yes, I can sew matching pillowcases. Send me the desired specifications via email and we will coordinate the desired products and price.

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